Chinese-American painter Ken Hong Leung, often referred to simply as H. Leung, creates beautiful landscapes illuminated by rainbow-hued washes of light. The touch of colorful vibrance add a hint of magic to each environment. There is an engagingly unearthly quality to his natural landscapes that draws the viewer's gaze and guides the eye all across the frame.

Many of Leung's paintings also have an abstractness to them, allowing their audience to see each colorful brushstroke that complements the next and works in unison to produce each breathtaking landscape. As the artist's bio on his website states, Leung is "recognized as one of the premiere neo-impressionist artists; a master of the enchanted landscape, dreamy moods, and magic reflections of light and color."

Select paintings and prints are available for purchase through Lahaina Galleries.

Ken Hong Leung website
via [Design You Trust]
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  • Absolutely gorgeous. It's interesting how those vibrant colors are all clustered together and somewhat detached from the rest of the landscape. They serve as pockets of beauty reminding us all of how much lies below the surface of what we generally see.

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