Modern Eco-Friendly Homes Set Amongst the Trees

Primeval Symbiosis (Single Pole House) is an architectural design project by architecture student and interior designer Konrad Wójcik that seeks to organically install living spaces in forests without disrupting the innate beauty of nature. Wójcik's detailed presentation lays out the many benefits of this design plan in addition to the actual construction of each residence, which is fit to accommodate for households of two to four people each.

The Denmark-based creative attributes his greatest inspiration for the project as the "functionality and structure of a tree." He says, "Studying its nature allowed me to come up with ideas and solutions to create a completely self-sufficient construction." He goes on to remind people that trees serve a purpose ("For most animals, trees are the best natural shelters against predators, moisture and weather") and deforestation hinders the world from both an ecological standpoint and an environmental one.

The end-goal for this idea is to create a community of these homes in natural landscapes, avoiding massive deforestation, and ultimately leaving a carbon footprint that is as close to zero as possible.

Konrad Wójcik on Behance
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Comment by litecities on March 29, 2014 at 1:50am
Impressive. Very much in favour of designs that coexist with nature rather than destroy it to make space. That's one of our key principles. Presume the solar panel side of house faces south and that central pole carries services that would need to come via trench or is it self sufficient?
Comment by Derya on October 19, 2013 at 10:58am



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