Sorrowful Ghostly Figures Actually Covered in Flour

Kyle Thompson

Earlier this year, 21-year old photographer Kyle Thompson completed his 365 photo project, where he took one compelling self-portrait after another every day for a full year. More recently, the young photographer has taken to the road, spending his days traveling across the United States, drifting from one city to the next and creating art as he goes.

One of his recent adventures took him to Franklin, Tennessee where he and his photographer friend Marissa Bolen created these dreary and morbid scenes. In the series, entitled Graveyard Girls, ghostly figures look completely consumed with sorrow, lost in a sea of misty gray mourning.

To create the images, the creative duo first identified a spot in Bolen's backyard and recruited friends to help them build the small set. They had three models kneel in the 3-foot deep milk-saturated water, covered from head to toe in flour. The elaborate production resulted in these incredibly haunting moments that evoke a sense of sadness and isolation.

Kyle Thompson

Marissa Bolen

Marissa Bolen

Kyle Thompson's website
Marissa Bolen's website
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