We've seen some magical photomacrography of minuscule insects and equally dazzling extreme close-up captures of water droplets on the wispy petals of dandelions, but these stellar macro shots of spiders with their webs twinkling with raindrops offers something new. Photographer Lafugue Logos gets in close to reveal not only the spider spinning its web, but also the abstract visualization of the freshly spritzed web.

Logos captures the geometric silk structures these tiny creatures produce, laced with balancing beads of water. With a selective focal range, we get abstract views of the liquid orbs that are fixed atop the web, making it look as though the spider is walking amidst its very own galaxy. The soaked webs look like constellations where each water drop serves as a star, connected by the silky lining of the spider's web. Logos' photos presents a cosmic perspective of this natural, minute landscape.

Lafugue Logos on 500px
via [Staceythinx]
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  • This are really beautiful images. I´m always in awe of what technology lets us share from Nature. Beautiful! Thanks! Diamonds and Galaxies!

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