Magnificently Surreal Horse Paintings

Macedonia-based artist Vasko Taškovski finds inspiration from horses to produce surreal fantasies. Using an array of vivid colors and varying landscapes, the painter transforms the ordinary creature into a robust yet agile stallion. Most fascinating about Taškovski's creations are the constructs and forms of the equestrian subjects.

In one of his elaborate paintings, the horse is militantly made of industrial materials, appearing like a giant Trojan horse. Several of Taškovski's paintings portray the animal as half-botanic, sprouting branches and leaves. Taking it a step further, there are even instances in which the figure's whole body blends in with the landscape.

There is a natural feel to these works that merge animal and environment; however, Taškovski also features entirely fantasy-driven images. A science fictional style is apparent in the most colorful visuals. A blur of hues represent the swift figure with a windswept mane. It is fascinating to view Taškovski's series of otherworldly imagery.

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