Pop Culture Figurines Beg on the Streets

Copywriter-turned-photographer Marcos Minuchin takes your average action figure and reworks it to cleverly mimic and comment on life in his ongoing project known as The Secret Life of Toys. In the series titled Recession Army, Minuchin uses classic comic book and Star Wars characters to pose as out-of-work veterans. We've seen the work of Roberto Salvador where superheroes are fed up with constantly saving the world, but, alternatively, these set of characters are eager to work. Really. They just want a job!

Minuchin's cast of toys can each be seen with cardboard sign in tow, pleading for a chance to earn a living any way they can. We're used to seeing our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man saving locals with his web-slinging skills, but the economy is not what it used to be and now he's just looking to pay rent with his web-developing techniques. Even Yoda is working on his grammar to perhaps make a few bucks teaching English. The series takes a quirky, light-hearted look at the global economic crisis and the possible unemployment hardships to be faced by the returning armed forces.

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Comment by sAm on June 20, 2012 at 5:44pm

LOL, the yooda ones are hilarious.


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