Music is one of the most influential mediums in our lives. We listen to certain musicians or bands because they write songs that convey how we feel, or they inspire us to live our lives in a certain way.

These music philosophy pieces were created by Mico. "I like music and typography, so I combined them on this project," he says.

Music Philosophy website
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  • great job by the way...
  • on of this i find now in a free press of my country..! i'm from Greece / the name of the press is "LIFO"
  • Really great quotes from really great songs. Mixing typefaces has been done many times before and it's been done really well. And in this case I have to say I don't find the typography as brilliant as the songs.
  • Although not a great fan of the song (or the singer), I think the U2 line becomes one of the most inspiring.
  • Ps. This guy got great taste in music. :P
  • HAHAHAHA!@Kevin. I like how it breaks the rules of typography when designing. It just shows that you don't have to just stick to two fonts maximum when designing a poster. Really great job redefining typography.
  • hah!, you should...
  • @Kevin - lol...i agree...we should suggest it...
  • how about "I like big butts and I can not lie" ? classic words of wisdom.
  • Ooooh, I'm a fan! I love the type.
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