In these photo collages, photographer Juan Felipe Rubio creates love stories. In and of itself, each polaroid is a momentary snap in time. When assembled together, however, they explain a beautiful love story. I contacted Rubio to find out what his inspiration was behind this series. Here is what he wrote: Hi Alice! Wow, thanks for contacting me! I'm overwhelmed by the response this series has had. It's been amazing how everybody seems to like them. And where did the idea come from?. Well, I gotta start saying that about 10 years ago I had a neighbor from Germany who had a book of David Hockney's collages. I borrowed that book for a couple of weeks and went insane with what I saw there. Last year I visited my brother who was studying music in LA and we went together to a photo exhibition at the Huntington library in Pasadena and there it was: an original Hockney collage. That revived the idea of doing something of the like. The first attempt of collage was made at one of my best friend´s wedding (I'm a wedding photographer), I wanted to capture love. I really liked the results so I started calling couples I knew and taking photos of them on their regular environment. The series has stopped now, mostly due to the high price on polaroid film. I'm waiting on the impossible project to come up with their film solution to see if I can restart it. Thanks again for contacting me. It makes me very happy. Cheers from Colombia! Juan Felipe

Juan Felipe Rubio
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  • Wow I love these. I have a polaroid camera lying around somewhere. But yeah..those film cartridges are EXPENSIVE! ><<br /> If anything, Polaroid should be sponsoring this guy.

    Also..great to have recieved that wonderful e-mail response Alice! Thanks for sharing. :D
  • There's something about Polaroids that's so romantic.
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