Naked City Spleen by Miru Kim (16 photos + video)

I wanted to re-feature this post because even after the last two years, it's still one of my personal favorites...

This collection by Miru Kim truly blows me away. Taking naked self-portraits in places we wouldn't dare visit, Miru draws beauty from old and abandoned subway stations, tunnels, aqueducts, catacombs, factories, hospitals, and morgues. It takes a lot of guts and willpower to visit these desolate places all alone.

Miru was born in Stoneham, Massachusetts in 1981, but was raised in Seoul, Korea. She moved back to Massachusetts in 1995 to attend Phillips Academy in Andover and moved to New York City in 1999 to attend Columbia University. In 2006, she received an MFA in painting from Pratt Institute. To get a better understanding of her work, I highly recommend watching her TED presentation on the video below.

Tour St-Jacques, Paris

Revere Sugar, Brooklyn, NY

Glenwood, Yonkers, NY

Metro St-Martin, Paris

Petite Ceinture, Paris

Luv Tunnel, NYC, NY

Freedom Tunnel, NYC, NY

Farm Colony, SI, NY

Nursing Home, Brooklyn, NY

Morgue, Letchworth, NY

Richmond Power, Philly, PA

Columbia U, NYC, NY

Carrière, St-Germain-en-Laye

Wiesenberg, Berlin

Ruinas de Copan, Honduras

Miru Kim's website

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Comment by IanJ on March 18, 2010 at 3:47am
I've tried my hand at Urban Exploration before. It certainly gives you a different perspective on abandoned, derelict, and forgotten buildings. You'll find a lot of good photography comes from places people forgot about along time ago.

One of mine

Comment by Kevin on March 5, 2010 at 3:27pm
Wow, really great!
Comment by rp {|} // .MrPresident___++ on March 5, 2010 at 2:31pm
Wow... I would be just as intrigued with the images without the model... the settings are brilliant. As a photographer that hates the confinement of studios I love finding places like this... kinda hard in OC tho. There was a pretty nice spot in Laguna beach for a while but thats gone now.

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