Intricate Lace Patterns Weaved Along the Baltic Sea

In Oak Beach, Polish outdoor artist NeSpoon introduced a little bit of street art to the beach bordering the Baltic Sea. The artist, who visits Oak Beach every summer, decided that it was time to incorporate some art into the landscape. So NeSpoon used pieces of driftwood as the foundation for these lace installations, which remind me of complicated cobwebs. There is an intricate and stunning beauty present in the repetitive patterns and amazing details of each creation.

The artist is well-known for covering all kinds of natural and man-made structures with her decorative lacy designs. Along this beach, her designs included hand cut stencils strung up between branches and spray painted stencil patterns covering the base of old tree remains. Visitors to the beach seemed to find the art pleasing and the artist says, surprisingly, "These objects made of lace, though very delicate, survived on the beach over a week."

NeSpoon's website
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