New Disney-Inspired Poster: Dumbo by Tom Whalen

Did you happen to follow @MondoNews after our Monsters, Inc. post? If you did, you might have just been able to snatch up another one of Tom Whalen's retro-wonderful posters. This time, Whalen created this poster design for Mondo Tees' Disney Collection. The poster went on sale today Friday, September 9th at a random time. (According to @MondoNews, it looks like it sold out in 4 minutes!)

Here's what Whalen said about working on the poster:

"The coolest part of these assignments is being able to re-connect with the classic source material. After hunting down a copy of the DVD through Amazon (it's currently in the Disney vault), I was amazed at how well this 70-year-old(!) film holds up. it still looks fantastic, carries a huge emotional punch and dazzles with the groundbreaking 'pink elephants on parade' sequence. (Woah.)"

Love everything Whalen touches.

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