Psychedelic Sheets of Soap Film

Dutch artist Nicky Assmann has taken the core ingredients of soap bubbles and created a mesmerizing cinematic installation around the swirling visuals in her piece entitled Solace. Like a work of robotic performance art, an automated mechanism reaches into a vat of soapy water with a metal rod and expands upwards to reveal a fragile sheet of soap film, reflecting its surroundings in a psychedelic spectrum of colors.

The stretch of soap-infused water drizzles spellbinding patterns of color, occasionally bursting from the pull of gravity. Gravity and light play crucial roles in this piece's effective appeal. By setting up a light close by, the reflected light projects and dances on the walls of the space like the walls of a shimmering grotto. Solace is scheduled to begin showing at Wood Street Galleries in Pittsburgh on July 13, 2012. Until then, take a glimpse of the installation in motion in the video, below.

Nicky Assmann website
via [Co.Design, HYPNA]

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