Incredibly Captivating and Expressive Portraits

At first, I thought these images by 22-year-old photographer Robby Cavanaugh were completely fabricated interpretations of life. From the flying fish to the woman standing on top of water, his work portrays intense technical strength as a digital artist. At the same time, though, it turns out that he is also quite the creative energetic, who isn’t afraid to haul a giant door to the beach or to set an umbrella on fire. Amazing!

It's clear that he uses a bit of post-production to enhance his photography, but his main goal is to capture everything in a single frame. Cavanaugh says, “I edit my photographs to closely match the images in my mind, creating specific tones that match the feelings I wish to imbue in the viewer.” But, he also makes sure to thank his assistants for throwing the fish or the clocks into the frame, or explains that the woman standing on water is actually balancing on a desk placed underwater.

His creative expression is emotionally powerful and tells the story of an ambitious young photographer. Cavanaugh creates scenes that turn an average reality into a reality we all feel. He says, “I started my journey with photography when I realized you could take a picture that looked real, but was something no one had ever seen before. I’m obsessed with the idea of capturing emotion and making people feel.”

Robby Cavanaugh’s website
Robby Cavanaugh on DeviantArt

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Comment by Annie on April 20, 2012 at 11:29am

Mystical...there's so much to each photo! They really draw you in.


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