23-year-old web designer Joni Niemelä took up photography as a side hobby. Shooting in his home country of Finland, Niemelä has an ability to bring out the ultimate beauty of nature through color, composition and lighting. He always shoots in RAW-mode and then edits in Lightroom.

Take a look at some of his best photos and you'll notice that this self-professed "amateur" photographer has undoubtedly mastered macro photography. You can see his love and passion shine through in the way he picks up even the smallest of details."There is so many possibilities in a macro world," he tells us. "You can just turn around and there can be a whole different subject to photograph. It's an interesting way to see the world."

"To me, enjoying the nature is as equally important as photographing it," Niemelä says. "I'm happy if I manage to capture those moments even partially in my photos. Through the camera I often see many details in nature which I would have otherwise missed.

"As a photographer you can always learn something new, and the road of learning is never-ending. I have been photographing many years now and, still, this is the most important thing in the world for me."

Joni Niemelä's website
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  • Yes, calming indeed! Also love the fresh/cool feeling of it.
  • These photos give me a calming affect. Excellent!
  • These are amazing to say the least. Every picture just hits you with color. He definitely has skill :)
  • I first saw his stuff at 1x and fell in love immediately. Gorgeous color, plus I have a thing for hardcore macro.

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