Photographer Stephanie Jung is back with more dizzying cityscapes, this time capturing the busy streets of Paris and Berlin. We first got a glimpse of the photographer's viewpoint of crowded urban landscapes a few months ago when she shared similarly styled photos of Japan.

One can really feel the hectic nature of these urban settings, populated with lights, cars, architecture, and plenty of foot traffic. There are several ways to view Jung's photos, whether it be as a series of photographs documenting the lightheadedness one may feel from entering a busy, overpopulated city or the elation that overtakes one's senses from the liveliness of a bustling metropolis. There is certainly a lot of movement, even within a still shot, but it's all about how your interpret that photographic moment.

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  • Very nice photo montaging of your shots, I really like the sense of chaos and motion captured in these images!

  • Really enjoyed these images.

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