Stuff No One Told Me (but I learned anyway) is a hilarious cartoon blog by Barcelona-based illustrator Alex Noriega. Dispensing valuable advice for an adult crowd, Noriega's art will make you laugh out loud and nod your head in approval. His art is the kind you can easily share amongst your friends or co-workers because they center around topics that touch upon everyone's lives. Best words to describe these pieces? Witty, whimsical and yet slightly acerbic.

Which one is your favorite? Stuff No One Told Me website
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  • The next MJ ahahahah !!
  • Heh, from the originating site:

    "Please, if you are going to show some of my illustrations in your blog/web/whatever, use no more than three images and make sure you link back here or I´ll kick your ass."

    Uh oh, somebody is in trouble!! :P
  • Love it!
    The first one is SO true in this modern day of blogging, Twitter, Facebook, etc. etc.
  • It's amazing, all of these are totally true! I'm going to have to pass this along to my kids one day.
  • "Porn movies & Disney ..." is good.
  • <3
  • I love ALL of them! These are perfect, and the illustrations are mild but spot on! Cute!
  • I like the disney and porn movies one.
  • My fav: Some of the most interesting people i know, don't know what to do with their lives.
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