Updated with today's best technology, TDK's stylish new boombox pays tribute to old-school ghetto-blasters. Instead of cassette tapes and CDs, the boombox has USB and RCA auxiliary ports to connect a huge variety of music sources. The instrument input can be blended with other audio, allowing for iPod karaoke or street-corner performances. Old analog switches have transformed into touch-sensitive buttons embedded into the front of the device, similar to those found on many smart phones. Currently there are two models: the 3 Speaker Boombox and the 2 Speaker Boombox. Apart from size, the primary difference is that the 3 Speaker model has a dedicated subwoofer in the center. The 2 Speaker boombox features the same pair of 6-inch direct drive units, but adds a leather shoulder strap to the fixed, solid handle. The boomboxes will be available online starting January 2011, and at retail locations in February 2011. The two speaker version will cost $399, while the three speaker version will be $499.

TDK via [cool hunting]
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  • @Mark - I totally agree. Too expensive, but stylish nonetheless.
  • Sleek, stylish. Love.
  • Love the style, don't love the price. Agree with Mark, a little too expensive for me.
  • I saw this on the web over the weekend. I really like the styling but the price is just too high. Come on, $500 for a boom box? For that price I'd get an iPad and a pair of headphones!
  • Oh wow! I love it!
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