You came (and are still coming) in droves checking out the incredible story of the coolest grandma ever, Super Mamika! Just to give you an idea of what kind of viral sensation she is, the story was shared last night (and today) on under their "Hit List" section as "A Superhero Story We'd Really Like to See Adapted for the Big Screen." Subsequently, Sacha, the grandson/photographer, is now being approached by Hollywood directors about making a movie. Crazy! I wrote back and forth with Sacha this morning and he told me that his photos are causing quite the stir over in France, too, with television shows and magazines asking him for interviews. Helping to break this story in the US, we're thrilled to see the power of the internet bringing creative and inspirational stories like this to light. Here are a few comments from around the web. (My favorite one is from BoingBoing.) Huffingon Post: Joe Texas says, "I love these photos. She should be featured in (the) film Kick-Ass 2." io9: deepthoughtdevil says, "Will they cast Betty White in this too?" Reddit: RattusRattus says, "Did anyone else notice Batman hiding under the bed in the one where her and Superman were sharing a post-coital cigarette?" (Yes, that's a hidden treat!) BoingBoing: BillGlover says, "Mamika is a real superhero, she has the power of 15 unicorns." On Twitter: @Harvard_Press: "The undeniable joy from dressing grandma up like a superhero" @nprnews: "Grandma's Superhero Therapy. A photographer. A depressed grandmother. A camera and a cape." @marieclaire: "Holy moly, it's SUPER GRANNY!!!" Here are ten more photos for you that we did not include in the first set. Hope you enjoy these, too!

Sacha Goldberger Related: Grandma's Superhero Therapy
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  • Once again: amazing
  • I love the attention to detail in each of these shots. GO MAMIKA GO!
  • I'm guessing this is the best therapy she has ever received. Remind me to do this with my grandma :)
  • go super granny!
  • Well I think I should ask my grandma to act cat woman.
  • As a 40 year old male who acts 20 (I am currently making a video of myself dancing like Lady Gaga, shooting scenes all over the world of just a few seconds each place), I am inspired by Mamika in that I always wonder if I will want to be silly when I get in my later years. If she's any indication, it's a hell yes.
  • I'm not surprised! Instead, I'm super pleased and excited for Super Mamika! That was one of my favourite posts and I just love her heartfelt story! Everyone else seems to think so too! Which is awesome! You go super granny! And I love boing boing's remark too: "Mamika is a real superhero, she has the power of 15 unicorns."

    I can totally imagine Betty White playing her in a movie!
  • He is officially internet famous! Congrats, Sacha!
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