Street artist Liqen's latest project entitled Wall Street Labyrinth is a giant mural in Miami that depicts deformed Wall Street bankers trapped in an encased maze. The brick walls that are essentially impenetrable have imprisoned these subhuman creatures whose physical features mimic those of rats, worms, cockroaches, and other varmint.

The Spain-based artist expresses his personal view on the economic matters and aptly defines his own work as "critical surrealism." Liqen recognizes that the fictional world he has created was inspired from his own belief that financial executives caused detrimental global effects. These executives are now lost in a labyrinth maze in which the only method of escape is to be engulfed by the flames. The political piece was created in 12 days on the Wynwood Walls in Miami.

Liqen's Tumblr
via [unurth]

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