Surreal Senses

Jumping body parts? Say it isn't so! In this latest series by Italian art director Giuseppe Mastromatteo, called Indepensense, we find that our senses have all been screwed up. Back in 2007, Mastromatteo thought about the idea of "masks" in the sense that "we all wear a mask but we're still the same person." With the help of new technology, Mastromatteo moves beyond this idea and includes something we all take for granted...our senses. By strangely manipulating facial features, he hopes to show that we can "overpass our senses," and ultimately take control of our own bodies.

Giuseppe Mastromatteo's website
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  • thanks all

  • Very great work! Great idea to think about our senses and create this sureal pictures.
  • Woah, strangely captivating.
  • this is a great work :-)
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