Graphic designer and photographer from Finland Mikko Lagerstedt has a rare ability, he knows how to create a mood. Whether he's accentuating the density of fog or shooting a shadowy figure far away in the distance, all of his photos carry with them a dramatic feeling. It's like you're witnessing a spliced scene from an edge-of-your-seat suspense thriller, that crescendo moment before you let out a bone-chilling scream.

"I love it when the photo makes you feel something," Lagerstedt tells us about his shots. "Of course, there are times I just want to capture the beauty of nature...It's the whole picture that counts. Sometimes the image needs little processing to make it perfect."

Mikko Lagerstedt's website
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  • Superb stuff!
  • These are all pretty amazing, but that last photo is out of this world!
  • Wow. super
  • Beautiful soft lights and atmospheres, what an excellent images!!Thanks for sharing, Alice!
  • Wow. They look like stills from a horror movie. JUST GREAT! haha I can most definitely feel the emotion of each photo.
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