Something We Shouldn't Be Doing

Today I became enchanted by Hollie Chastain's beautiful paper collages. Influenced by nature and fairy tales, Hollie creates magical stories filled with sweet imagery. Inspired by random old junk in an antique shops, damaged text books and brightly colored chipping paint on abandoned walls, Hollie finds beauty in weathered things. Her vintage artwork takes old pictures, colorful construction paper and old book covers and turns them all into sweet stories.

Here's an inspirational quote from Frank Chimero that Hollie enjoys.

"You breadcrumb your audience along like Hansel and Gretel did, leading your fans along a trail of small bits of information and tiny, tasty morsels of output. It’s important that these tasty morsels have a clear point of view and a consistent flavor. Then, every once in a while, deliver a house of candy. Something big. A complete idea. Something lasting. A full thought.”

Can pertain to so many things in life, can't it?

Hollie Chastain
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  • Oh my gosh. I love these! Alice, Thanks for posting.
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