If you're interested in how art is going to get interactive, you must check out The LightScraper. The LightScraper is a custom built aluminium structure fabricated with a layer or semi translucent mesh. By Electronic Miracles, the structure can be easily erected in various compositions in an outdoor or indoor setting. How does it work? A single computer and two projectors are used to bring the visuals to life. The LightScraper also acts as a giant musical instrument, people’s location influence the melodies emitting form the sculpture. Wonder what it can do with some electronica! (Justice would be sweet!) Visitors position are tracked via an Infrared camera mounted at the peak of the structure, and transposed into musical notes, the result is ever-changing melodies and visual delight. Talk about beautiful art that shines in the night!

Check out the video: Plan on seeing this baby at night time music festivals! {Via NotCot}
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  • Great vid. Wonder if it's costly?
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