Lost in the forest? How do you survive?

In moments of crisis, who will survive and who will die? One part self-help, another part science, The Survivors Club by Ben Sherwood, seeks out survivors of all kinds of accidents - from plane crashes and mountain lion attacks to being impaled with a foreign object and finding yourself lost in the woods - to see what kind of fast action response kept them alive. He explores how different methods - the power of prayer, managing fear, the will to live, and having good genes - can all lead to increasing your chances for survival. Chapters include everything from "The Science of Luck: Why Good Things Always Happen to the Same People" to "Ninety Seconds to Save Your Life: The Wrong (and Right) Things to Do in a Plane Crash." God help me if I am ever in these predicaments! (Heck, who needs God, just let me remember passages from this book!)

The Survivors Club: The Secrets and Science that Could Save Your Life First pic by Sameli on Flickr
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  • LOL @ Esteban! I know, that dude is nutty - jam in an episode or two and you'd be AAIGHT!
    Unless it's A ZOMBO APOCALYPSE! Then it's all about this:

  • Screw the book, I'd much rather have Bear Grylls in my backpack.

  • Oh is this a scare tactic?
    'Cos I'm buying the book.
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