Iranian Women Find Stylish Ways to Abide by the Government's Strict Dress Code

The Tehran Times is a blog devoted to documenting the style of Iranian women found on the street who have creatively approached the strict government enforced laws placed on how women dress. Retaining a fashionable and artistic flair, the images reveal a generation of women who have taken the restrictive dress codes head-on, challenging the boundaries of their freedom. Though they may be expected to cover their heads, these young women do so by inching their headscarfs just a little further back.

The insightful visual blog was launched by designer Araz Fazaeli who studied in Europe and returned to Iran with a keen eye for fashion. He says, "To wear a scarf and these long manteaux (overcoat) and still manage to make it look very sophisticated is in itself a fashion trend in my eyes. Are all Iranian women miserable or are all modernized? The answer is that they both exist, in all societies. As a designer who has always paid attention to women in society, I believe that the mere act of repeating people’s misery won’t do much to help them, but finding positive and motivating stories to amplify will educate and hopefully make a change."

The Tehran Times blog
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Comment by Alireza Hamidian on March 12, 2014 at 2:09pm

They have always been so creative. I think they need a huge complement for what they do. Against all the restrictions they are trying to express themselves. Here I found a good article as well to know more about them.


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