What happens when a beam of light travels through transparent textured materials? If you are Alan Jaras (or Reciprocity on Flickr), you can make it refract into a gorgeous array of colors. Bridging the gap between art and science, Jaras bends, twists and turns light...like you've never seen.

"For new viewers: These are light refraction patterns or 'caustics' formed by a light beam passing through a shaped and textured plastic form. Colour is added into the clear plastic which modifies the way the plastic hardens further enhancing the patterns.The pattern is captured directly on to 35mm film by removing the camera lens and putting the transparent object in its place. The processed film is digitally scanned for uploading. Please note these are not computer generated images but a true analogue of the way light is refracted by the objects I create."

His work can best be described by a fellow Flickr user who states, "Reciprocity's work provides visual proof (for those that need it) that there is a brave new and unexplored world just beyond our blind senses."


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  • That is really beautiful work. Bravo!
  • Time for some beautiful new wallpaper for my desktop!
  • Amazingly Beautiful!!
  • What I love is when someone makes something real... no use of photoshop needed. Don't get me wrong... photoshop is my friend, but I do think that it is robbing some of us of the art of actually creating something real, like this guy did. Bravo!
  • This is truly amazing!!!
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