Tiny Apartment Transforms Into 24 Rooms

Because of the lack of space, in Hong Kong apartments are small and expensive. That's why architect Gary Chang decided to redesign his 330 square foot apartment to change into 24 different combinations. How? By just sliding panels and walls. He calls this the "Domestic Transformer."
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  • @puppiepoppy - lol..that's hilarious.
  • Rather sad...he seems to lead a tiring routined life then. Very tiring indeed. I can imagine a few funny situations, for example:
    1) He is in bed watching his tv, feels like having a peanut butter toast but he needs to take a pee first.
    2) Brought a hot sexy fox back home for a good time! Need to get a bottle of wine to spice up the night beforehand. He sets his bed right but the fox decided to try the kitchen instead.
    3) I can go on with more scenarios.... ;)
  • Whoa! This is awesome.
  • Ahh...very efficient! Nice! But I have this sick thought that one day someone might accidentally get squashed in between the walls! :S Also, switching the rooms takes work, but it gets you up and going, which is good.
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