Over the course of ten years, Kagawa-based photographer Toshiteru Yamaji captured the special bond between Japanese pig farmer Otchan and his 1,200 pigs. As you can tell by these photos, he cared for each individual pig in a loving and caring way. In Yamaji's book Pigs and Papa, watch as the cigarette smoking, beer drinking man becomes like their proud papa as he reads the newspaper to the pigs and plays music to them on his guitar. While we're all used to hearing about huge pig factory farms run by corporations, and their extremely harsh or crowded conditions, we're not used to seeing such sweet devotion like this.

Though at the time, Yamaji was a an amateur photographer, he ended up self-publishing his book in 2009. He was later recognized for his work as he was awarded the 13th Japan Self-Publishing Award, Graphic Prize. His book has bee published by FOIL and is now being sold on Amazon.

via [FeatureShoot]
Photos via [Asahi]

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  • Definitely love this even if they went under the knife at the end as mentioned by @evZENy, I still find it a lot better compare to what corporate does to their animals. Eventually there will be a time where humans and animals can live alongside one another :)

  • Cute.
    Except that they all went under the knife at the end...
    Still better than the corporate big farms in US.

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