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  • hi eugene

    it's some sort of ventilation, what for i'm not sure.

    the artist is e1000ink

    here are more photos of his work in madrid:

  • @dug da bug - Thanks for catching that. I grabbed the photo off of streetsy but didn't see a photo source. It totally looks like a metro exit. What is the structure really, and do you know who the real artist is?
  • hello eugene,

    glad to see you like my photo but where is the link back to the original ; )

    not sure who told you that there was a metro station there or that the artist is kapo!!!!!
  • Heeeyyyy, I live very close... I'll go to see it tomorrow
  • he looks like happy :)
  • "we're gonna need a bigger boat"
  • haha, too cool.
This reply was deleted.

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