Russian hair and makeup artist Vadim Andreev shows what a little (ok, maybe a lot) of hair and makeup can do. While we've featured our fair share of artists on My Modern Met, this is one of the few times where we've shined the spotlight on a makeup artist. Using only cosmetics, and not any post processing software like Photoshop, Andreev transforms ordinary looking girls into ones you'd find on the cover of a fashion magazine. The blotchy skin has been perfected, the eyes are bigger, the lips more full.

Of course, as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and one can argue that all of these women are more beautiful as their natural selves. Let's open it up for discussion. Can we just appreciate the work of this makeup artist or do images like this hurt us in some way? What are your thoughts?

Vadim Andreev's website
via [Bored Panda]

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  • This makeup artist has an amazing talent! As for the 'open to discussion' question; I believe that as long people can tell the difference and realize the potential change that makeup holds, and to accept the person just the same once the makeup is washed off, that it isn't detrimental to our society. As long as we can ~know~ that people do not look like this 24/7, and that it takes hours~~ of work to achieve such a level as this artist provides, then there is no problem. Makeup isn't the sin, ignorance is.

  • Amazing!

  • Emily Baxter, does a great job as the self-appointed voice of women world wide. In fact I have never seen so much repetition thrust forth in order to try and convince the reader to accept an indivual's point of view.

    Bottom line for me is that my opinion remains unchanged.

  • No Photoshop, my foot. As a graphic artist with years spent in Photoshop, pffff, not true.

  • Stunning? Not to me. Much prefer the "before" portraits. The "afters" appear to have had their personalities removed so that they're just painted dolls.

  • While the makeup is indeed beautiful I don't believe these images haven't been retouched in photoshop also. A retoucher myself the are too many tell tale signs ...

  • I think this is an extremely talented makeup artist. Skill like this doesn't come over night. She will have trained and worked very hard and passionately for years to get to this level. Everyone can say beauty is on the inside which is true, but at the end of the day - what harm does some makeup do to enhance a woman’s beauty. It isn't 'painting', it's makeup. Yes your partner will love you for how you look with or without make up. But making an effort as a woman with hair and makeup done can make us feel good. We're not doing it to change who we are as a person or to be a 'people pleaser'. Make up cannot change your face to make you look like a particular famous person... it only enhances what you already have. Don't get me wrong - I don't believe women should feel the need to get plastic surgery to appear a certain way to fit in with the way the media perceives 'beauty'. Media is a nasty thing which is a whole other discussion. However I feel it is down to the individual.. if a woman wants to go out bare faced and feels great then hats off to her, however if a woman feels she'd like to groom herself so she feels like she's made an effort then who is that hurting. Some men/women will prefer less make up, or no makeup, but I can assure you many people will understand that make up is a 'girly' thing that can look beautiful. We enjoy buying it in the shops, we enjoy trying a new lipstick, or doing a makeover on our friends. We enjoy putting on a new dress, pair or shoes and dressing up for our friends or partners so that they say "Oh I love how you've done your make up tonight". I personally think all these women on this site are naturally beautiful - however they all look beautiful in a more glamorous way with the makeover. Granted - there is a time and a place to be more natural... and a time when you should brave wearing blue, pinks and purple eye shadows. I think women should wear or not wear makeup as they please. You are not creating an alter ego, you are merely making yourself well groomed and showing off what you already have! I'd like to know how many women don't book a makeup artist on their wedding day. I'm sure their fiancé would still love them and want to marry them and know who they are as a person just as much as if they weren't wearing the make up... however I can guarantee the husband will think she looks like the princess she is with the makeup and she will feel ultra special for him too! Many may disagree with me.. but I believe I am speaking for many too and I think woman should be able to wear makeup without being named 'fake', 'fools', 'not real' etc etc etc
    Woman throughout generations and generations have worn make up... going back to before The Tudors. It's just part of history and the world we live in. We could all get on with our lives without make up and pretend it never existed... but where's the fun in that?

  • couple beers makes the same

  • Make-up and LIGHTING! If the before pictures were better lit, the Befores would be a fairer representation of these already beautiful women.

  • I stumbled across this webpage and I am glad I did. Wot a crock of wotsit it all is. If women are beguiled into thinking that they create a more desirable alter ego by painting themselves up they are indeed fools. When they wake up in the morning, those with partners will always be seen as they truly are.
    I could be made up to look like George Clooney ,,,,who for some strange reason is labelled "desirable to women".
    But my partner would wake up with me as I am au naturale..... provided I had washed the muck off before sleeping which I surely would. That we share the bed surely proves that I don't need to be George Clooney.
    I have met and courted enough women to know that it is my personality and overall character that melts their hearts....not my oversized nose, pointed chin or big ears.
    Some men may be impressed by a painted lady.
    Not this one......... for I know what lies both beneath it and behind it !

    Ladies, give me an au naturale femme fatale in every way, anytime !
    That way, a guy knows he is getting THE REAL DEAL IN YOU !
    Let a man love you for what you are, not what you try to pretend to be.

    Woops.....I might just have put a nail in the coffin of several cosmetics manufacturers !


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