New York-based creative agency “The Apartment" designed this apartment for Cindy Gallop. Gallop is an ad agency guru who used to be chairwoman of advertising giant BBH. Her brief was simple: "At night, i want to feel like I'm in a Shanghai nightclub." What she got was just that - an apartment that looked more like a bumpin' club than a comfy home.

I love the large bookshelf, the shelves for shoes, and the interesting light fixtures but overall, I'm not a big fan of this place. What do you think? Source Other Amazing Places: Would You Let Giorgio Armani Design Your Home? Clean and Clutter Free - Oliver Schick (6 pics) Making Your Place Uniquely Yours (10 pics) Interior Design: A Nod to Vintage Mod
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  • Except for those hideous dead animals' skins, I really like this place.
  • Alice, thank you very much for featuring my apartment, and everyone, thanks for the commentary! You might be interested to know that one of the first things everyone says when they visit my apartment in New York is, 'This feels very different from/is much better than the photographs' - and that's because they're struck by the fact that, in contrast to the way the photos come across, 'It's much more comfortable than the photos indicate - it feels like a real home.' So the photos can be a little misleading on that front!

    I have to admit also that when design geniuses The Apartment first came back to me, in response to my brief that 'When night falls, I want to feel like I'm in a bar in Shanghai', with 'Black walls, black ceiling, black floor', I drew a sharp intake of breath. But they reassured me with, 'The space is large and light enough to take it; we'll paint it gloss black and reflect light off the walls so it's not oppressive; and it'll make all your art and belongings really pop' - and they were absolutely right. People visit me who have no idea this is an all-black apartment until I tell them - because it makes everything look so colorful.

    And the Gucci chainsaw is by 30-year-old Peter Gronquist, an artist working out of Oakland: I also own his Chanel AK47, crystal-studded Nintendo Duck Hunt pistols, Louis Vuitton gazelle and the Guccigator...

    Cindy Gallop
    Twitter: cindygallop1, iwrtw, ifwerantheworld, makelovenotporn
  • Black is pictures. We stayed at a place in Sydney that was painted all black, creepy! That and the place was haunted so maybe I'm a little biased in my opinion of black rooms.
  • Simply Awesome. I'd feel right at home and extremely comfortable living there.
  • I love it because it's black!
    It's a refreshing change from endless white and modern!
    I couldn't live with it long term as it's not exactly my taste!
    But I like how the Paintings look more striking against the black walls!
    It's nice to see a few classic things along with the odd and mismatched furniture,
    but the black curtains are way too much!
  • It's very stylish. I could imagine spending a few days there but not living in it. I need much more of a connection to the outside. Give me floor-to-ceiling glass, balconies, rooftop bar, etc. and I'll be much happier. I love natural light.

    This is more my style:

  • It's not like there are blood stains on the walls. I like it. Doesn't remind me of death at all. Just pure chic.
  • While too dark for me, I suspect more people than not love this....that will admit it. To me people like Cindy - who dare to create something different are gems because they inspire or make it ok for others who perhaps yearned for something different but didnt know till now how to do it. Its not just the unique decoration though that I like about's that Cindy decorated her home to create a theme...Shanghai...that is a great idea. Why not make your home...a destination. Yea I like it!
  • I actually like the setup. I could see how it could be depressing though.
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