Don't Forget That Spot, the Misses Will Be Mad

Let your imagination run free and you might just find yourself seeing the world through the eyes of miniature people. This Flickr set by Vincent Bousserez shows us what little people do to make a living and how they spend their precious time off. It's a world that seems as ordinary as our very own but look a little closer and you may just see something you might have once missed.

(I hope you enjoy the titles I added to each picture.)


Watch Washer

They Leave Such a Mess

We Have a Lot to Do, Boys

Mowing the Prickly Lawn

A Painter's Job is Never Done

Fixing Her Purse

Shiny Glasses

Guarding the Precious Jewels


A Trip to the Mountains

Taking a Swim

Stranded on the Beach

A Much Needed Vacation

Ice Skating

The Resident Dealer

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  • Can somebody tell me how do i get hold of this miniature figurines? i want them for my terrarium! Many thanks in advance!

  • I absolutely love your art! It reminds me of my niece...when she was small she told me that she saw little people swimming up her Pepsi bottle when she was taking a drink! :)
  • These are amazing! :)
  • fore ou bezor bravo
  • absolutely fascinating! are the little people hand made?

    btw - tilt shift is usually used on full size subjects to imitate a miniature effect, you'd only need a macro lens and a shallow DOF to get this effect on miniatures :)
  • Nice pictures! :)
  • I believe that is done using a tilt shift lens. It's a beautiful effect!
  • cool!
  • Escaping the .. and Mowing .. classic.
    Ever since I read Gulliver's Travels as a kid, I've had dreams about tiny little people like this .. does anyone else?
    I'm sure seeing these pics will bring on another one.
  • My favorite is the "Trip to the Mountains." Good stuff.
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