Maddie the Coonhound Standing on Things (Part 4)

Maddie on Things is an adorable photo series that we can't get enough of by photographer and dog owner Theron Humphrey. The ongoing project features Humphrey's photogenic coonhound, Maddie, who displays the admirable ability to balance herself on just about anything. The photographer and his canine pal have been all over the US, documenting Maddie's ability to balance on anything from a fire hydrant and basketball hoop to a jar of Nutella.

When we last saw Maddie, exactly one year ago, the adorable pooch had prints available to purchase of her sweet feats. The project has since expanded to include a book full of the lovable dog standing on things. This led Humphrey and Maddie on a national book tour, which has, in turn, fostered even more opportunities for the precious coonhound to stand on things across the country.

Maddie on Things: A Super Serious Project About Dogs and Physics is currently available to purchase through Chronicle Books.

Maddie on Things website

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